at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, WA

a group show that asks artists to subvert identity-based expectations that limit and dictate the creation of their work

Seattle Weekly 
Real Change 

curated by: Mel Carter, Anisa Jackson & Satpreet Kahlon 

Featuring the works of:
Anissa Amalia
manuel arturo abreu
Natalie Ball
Isa Benn
Sabella D’Souza
Jueqian Fang
bart fitzgerald
Christopher Paul Jordan
mario lemafa
Rafia Santana
Asia Tail
Chuck Taylor
Gee Wesley
Ellen (Jing) Xu

Asia Tail

manuel arturo abreu & bart fitzgerald (left), manuel arturo abreu & Rafia Santana (right)

Anissa Amalia (left), Isa Benn (right) 

mario lemafa (left), Christopher Paul Jordan (center), Ellen Xu (right) 

Sabella D’Souza 

Jueqian Fang

Ellen Xu 

Asia Tail (left) Natalie Ball (center)

Photos by Mel Carter and Paul Komada