Photo by S*an D. Henry-Smith


Anisa Jackson is an artist, writer, DJ and curator based in New York. Their work has appeared as installation, moving image, and as print and digital text.

Their work was shown at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh; Lewisham Art House, London; Specialist Gallery, Seattle, WA; LCB Depot, Leicester; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Babycastles, NY, NY; Abrons Art Center, NY, NY;  Bellevue College Gallery Space, Bellevue, WA; King Street Station, Seattle, WA; and Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA.  

Under the moniker DJ Cardamami, Anisa began DJing in Oslo and has played for venues and radio stations everywhere from Seattle, New York, and London to Istanbul and Mérida. They host a biweekly radio show with Playground Radio called Spicy Trax and are the co-host of Yalla Yeehaw, a party featuring Arab pop, bhangra, & other Southwest Asian, North African & South Asian sounds. 

Anisa is a curator-at-large for the Aspen Art Museum.

For questions, collaborations, and proposals contact:

CV available upon request. 

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